Our Criteria & Conditions

Find out if you and your organisation can benefit from our support.

If you can say ‘YES’ to all three of the below questions, then we would love to support you and your charity! Please then continue to read the conditions and fill the online application form.

1 Are you an individual or organisation who work with your community?
2 Is the thrust of your work combating abuse of drugs and/or alcohol?
3Do you promote a Christian Ethos?

The League’s aims in awarding grants are:

  • to promote an alcohol-free and drug-free healthy lifestyle by the advocacy of total abstinence from alcohol and other drugs.
  • to promote the discussion, consideration and research relating to the recreational use and abuse of alcohol and other drugs.
  • to provide other resource and development means to foster the increase of respect for the human family values top achieve physical, moral and spiritual well-being as a healthy alternative to alcohol and drugs.

Grant-aid may take the form of either, A Project Funding or, B Core Funding:

A Project Funding

  1. Project funding will be a one-off grant.

  2. Grants to be awarded under the scheme shall not exceed £6,000 and shall, generally, be based on fifty per cent of qualifying expenditure. An initial payment of half the grant will be made and the remaining half will be paid on evidence that the project is proceeding satisfactorily. Applicants will be expected to declare the names of other sources from whom grant is sought and awarded, and in due course, to produce original receipts which the League will endorse to show that they form part of the grant application.

  3. A draft copy of any proposed printed material should be submitted with the application.

  4. Applicants dealing with children and young people under the age of eighteen must certify that they have in force a child protection policy complying with current legislation.

  5. Normally all expenditure must be incurred within a 12-month period from the start of the project.

  6. A report on the project may be requested by the League on it’s completion.

A Core Funding

  1. Core funding grant will contribute to the cost of the on-going functions of an organisation to enable it to develop and maintain a body of expertise, preferably as the basis for specific services or projects. Examples of core functions are general administration and training.

  2. Core funding grant will normally be for two years and subject to a maximum of £3,000 per annum

  3. Grant for the second year will be subject to the league being satisfied that the objectives of the applicant organisation continue to meet the League's grants criteria.


  1. Applicants for grant-aid will be considered only from voluntary, community or self-help groups who can show appropriate activity in countering the use and abuse of alcohol and other drugs.

  2. Material produced in grant-aided projects must carry acknowledgement of the League's support, and may, in consultation, be made available to other interested parties

  3. Applications must be signed by the chairperson of the group or by the individual planning the project. Appropriate references may be requested by the League

  4. The League reserves the right to ask applicants to make an oral presentation in support of their application

  5. The League's decision is final and will be notified to applicants not later than the end of the grants cycle, ie January or June as appropriate. No appeal will be considered.

  6. The League may monitor the progress of the projects and its assessor may visit the grantee at least once during the life of the project. It also reserves the right to examine the applicant's financial records.

Email: comberron72@gmail.com

Charity No: XN46645