Assisting those in the front line of the battle against drug and alcohol abuse.

How We Help
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Who We Are

Whilst originally established in the 19th Century to counter the abuse of alcohol, the Irish Temperance league today supports front-line organisations in their work of providing help and support to people in their addiction journey.

Across its history, the League has employed advisory staff; established tea shops and coffee bars as alternatives to public houses; organised music and art festivals; supported youth clubs and football teams as ways of providing healthy entertainment; and, engaged in educational activities in schools with young people.

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Who We Support

We currently support 6 charities and a few other projects across Ireland.

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How We Can Help

We exist to support individuals and organisations that meet our criteria and fight to combat the abuse of alcohol and drugs. We offer this support through financial ‘Grants’. Find out if we can help you based on the following criteria:

  1. Are you an individual or organisation who work with your community?
  2. Is the thrust of your work combating abuse of drugs and/or alcohol?
  3. Do you promote a Christian Ethos?
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What Our Charities Have To Say

“Thank you so much for the Grant received from the ITL for the ongoing work of Stauros Foundation. It helps us to minister to people with problems of addiction by bringing them the Gospel of Jesus Christ.”



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