02 February 2019

Why a THIRD of drinkers reading this have an alcohol problem

ADRIAN CHILES – who drank 50 units a week – reveals he didn’t think he was one of them until he discovered the sobering truth.

The NHS recommends that British adults drink no more than 14 units each week — that’s 14 single shots of spirit or six pints of beer or a bottle and a half of wine.

Roger Williams had seen a TV documentary I made last year, Drinkers Like Me, in which I revealed I’d drunk more or less every day from the age of 15. I’m 51.

He wanted to enlist my help in his mission to increase awareness of the rocketing levels of liver disease in the UK — up 400 per cent since 1970 — particularly linked to alcohol misuse (but also obesity), and make clear why we should all drink less.